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colour specifier

How to use our abilox® colour specifier:

For your convenience we have a representation of our colour specifier colour range here on screen - it is important to note that due to variations on screen that these are approximate colours only.

Within our colour specifier, each horizontal row of colours represents 4 variations of one pigment for 2 dose rates (8.3% and 4.15% of the cement). These dose rates are used for both off white cement (OWC) as well as for grey cement (GC) based concrete, mortars and grouts depending on customer requirements and are a close colour representation of the final pigment shade for the material being coloured.

For the most accurate results we recommend the use of Ability’s colour cement biscuits which are mixed in 2 easy dose rates of: 8.3% and 4.15% when choosing your final colours.

Different Pigments - different prices.

You may notice a series of 1-4 dots next to the name of each pigment. These dots represent an indication of price - the fewer dots, the lower the expense.

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