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Efflorescence can be controlled with Ability products

At Ability we understand that the foundation of any great project needs to be 100 percent from the start.

Efflorescence has been a common problem that can be controlled by a unique product developed by Ability called Efflorein® Mark 2 which is a multi purpose, performance enhancing concrete admixture.

Efflorein® Mark 2 has been specifically developed to control the occurrence of efflorescence and the problems associated with salt bloom in Portland cement concrete, mortar and grout products, while also helping to improve a range of other concrete performance characteristics in both the plastic and hardened states.

Another important aspect of the final success of a project is accurate colour correctness in the detailing. Ability has excellent news in this department!

We offer some of the most innovative and reliable colouring products for cement and for colour matching cement coatings.

Many Australian professionals are very familiar with our extensive range of abilox® fine, UV resistant, inorganic mineral oxide colouring pigments and with Ability’s eco-friendly duro paint™ our long lasting, all weather resistant, guaranteed for 20 years (conditions apply) colour coating range.

These products powerfully enhance all urban project work - resulting in outstanding durable colour matching within the cement itself as well as for surrounding cement areas that need durable coloured coatings to match.

To assist with projects, Ability offers:

• over 2 decades of industry experience and knowledge

• friendly and reliable service to assist with the practical applications of our cement pigments and possible combinations with our long life products

• over 240 colours (e.g. 60 abilox colours, 4 shades of each, creates 240 colour alternatives)

• colour cards and samples

• colour sample cement biscuits in both off-white and grey cement

• a variety of Ability products that work together to assist you to achieve maximum durability and colour correctness in your cement coatings as well as with matching extra long life cement paint finishes.

Before starting your next project contact Ability and our friendly staff will assist you with any of your colour or Ability product queries.

Advantages of: abilox®

• colour range of 60 standard colouring pigments which give 240 colour shades for concrete

• Ability can match any colour desired at no extra cost

• offers 2 easy dose rates (8.3% and 4.15%) in both off-white and grey cement bound mixtures

abilox® inorganic mineral oxide pigments are UV resistant

abilox® quality pigments are uniform in colouration strength from batch
to batch and bag to bag

abilox® is exceptionally durable colouration

abilox® is not made from crude oil

Advantages of: duro paint™

• Can be colour matched to almost any colour for a project

• Is an anti-corrosive paint that helps iron and steel to resist rusting

• Is an excellent product used to rectify rain-damaged, pitted concrete pavements and suspended slabs.

• Is extremely durable - guaranteed for 20 years against flaking, lifting and peeling when applied as recommended to a vertical surface.

• It’s 100% solids formulation can provide an extremely high protective Dry Film Thickness (DFT) up to 500μm for the recommended two (2) coats

• Exceptionally high UV, oxidation, weathering and chemical resistance

• Watertight formulation provides protection against water permeation and corrosive salt/chemical solution ingress

• Attractive slightly-stippled texture finish assists in the Paint providing high resistance to skidding and slipping

• Combines hardness, flexibility and excellent adhesion with very low shrinkage, thereby reducing the risk of the applied product cracking, lifting or flaking

• Easy-to-use and apply with normal paint application equipment

• Has low odour and does not give off noxious gasses (Low VOCS)

• Can be used with a variety of application methods to provide various architectural and/or decorative effects

• Delivers exceptionally high levels of abrasion and wear resistance