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Leviathan® Matte - a great paint at a low price

is a modern, very inexpensive, exceptionally durable, matte finish, hydrated lime and water based paint.

It is used as a highly protective and colourfully decorative coating. Supplied as a powder it is power mixed into drinkable water in the recommended proportions just prior to use.

This unique high quality product, now available for sale (see price list), has incorporated in its development traditional and current knowledge for establishing a watertight, exterior or interior ecologically sustainable, multi-use calcium silicate mineral paint.

“Silicate paints have the capacity to last substantially longer than a person’s life time”, is a statement attributed to Adolf Keim. Apparently Keim was right and his statement has proven to be true as reports from experts have indicated that his paints, applied to the exteriors of many different structures in Germany, are still in existence today with little, if any, deterioration, over 100 years.

Regardless of the normal painting implements used to apply it - either a suitable brush, roller or spray equipment, Leviathan® Matte paint typically results in an attractive smooth, ‘soft’ matte, opaque, white or pastel coloured medium build paint finish of long term durability. It is an economical product available at a very modest cost.

The latest formula created and tested by Ability technicians over the last four years for Leviathan® Matte paint consists of 19 separate raw materials. It includes Ability’s colourfast abilox® mineral oxide colourants, the high quality, high purity Blue Circle hydrated lime manufactured at Marulan, New South Wales, Australia, pozzualana and high purity casein; a tough, durable, non-crude oil based, natural adhesive binder prepared from pure cow’s milk.

Milk proteins have been employed as successful glues as well as excellent binders for paints since at least Roman times.

Leviathan® Matte’s success as measured by potentially future high usage, resulting from the development of this long-life, 100% active solids, water paint may be a further illustration that the wheel of history has turned full circle. We may well see the continuance of a complete reversal of the trend that began more than 500 years ago during the Renaissance period in Europe when drying oil/chemical solvent (linseed/poppy seed oil and turpentine respectively at that time) bound paints and surface coatings were introduced.

Leviathan® Matte is a patent applied for, Australian invention. It is an odour-free, clean air, non- harmful to the environment, multi-use, easy-to-use, polymer modified mineral paint product.
It is made available for sale direct from Ability, on a firm, advance order basis at a most cost-effective price and like normal paints in pure white or any pastel colour required including those provided by an Ability UV resistant colourfast abilox® mineral oxide colour. Leviathan® Matte may also be made available soon as an experimental semi-glossy version in a range of abilox® colours.

Ability’s Leviathan® Matte lime based paint product is offered for sale by weight and supplied as a ‘dry mix’ (dry blended) white or pastel coloured powder. For use, the powder is simply added to, and thoroughly power mixed into a specified proportion of drinkable water using an ‘egg beater’ type mixing impellor attached to a portable power mixer.

Potable (drinkable) water is the safe, non-harmful reactant in this formula and is not intended as an evaporating solvent. This means that the water used in mixing the product is best prevented from evaporating and retained in the freshly applied and set coating to allow the cross linking reactions to continue. Preventing this water from evaporating into the air is achieved by adopting, as soon as the final coat sets or ‘touch’ dries, a water retaining curing procedure - preferably an intermittent water spray curing procedure over a period of preferably one (1) to two (2) days with the use of a garden hose directed at the painted work for six (6) 10 minute hosings intermittently.

Influence of the weather during use:

Although usually not critical, ideally, the temperature of the mixing water should be about 23°C and the relative humidity of moisture vapour in the air (RH) a minimum of 50%. The higher the RH the lower the evaporation rate of the mixing water from the applied coating - thus retaining the water until the coating hardens and therefore the better and easier it is to achieve a crackfree, hard yet flexible and most durable painting job.

Keeping the mixing water within the applied coating for several days and longer if possible ensures the coating’s maximum development of its strength properties and integrity.
It is recommended for best results that Leviathan® Matte surface coating product be mixed and applied in air temperatures between 12°C and 32°C. However, by suitably adjusting the temperature of the mixing water with ice or hot water and choosing an ideal temperature period of the day it is possible to use the product quite successfully outside this temperature range.

Recommended proprotions for mixing:

One (1) part by volume of Leviathan® Matte powder is easy to power mix into one (1) part by volume of clean potable water on site preferably with two operators to make it just before use into a paintable, thick but easily brush-

able/spreadable, ‘high dry cover’ (opacifying), liquid paint coating. For maximum durability prepared Leviathan® Matte liquid lime paint is recommended to be liberally and uniformly applied with two (2) coats or layers at a coverage rate of about 6m2/litre per coat after allowing at average ambient temperatures and humidity, a minimum of about a 15-20 minutes resting and activation or reaction/‘slaking’ time after this initial mixing procedure.

This is followed by a quick three (3) to four (4) minute re-mixing period prior to for example placing the liquid paint into suitable painters’ trays. The liquid paint is then uniformly applied by one of either a suitable brush, or a soft interior broom or medium pile roller of the first of a minimum of two (2) coats or layers. For a uniform finish of the applied liquid paint it is best to use only one (1) of either a suitable paint spraying unit, brush, soft broom or medium pile roller.

No Primer usually required:

Apart from un-coated wood and metals, which should be suitably prime-coated (first coat) with a commercial priming paint designed specifically for each, on just about any other surface you can think of, a separate primer or first coat application is NOT usually required.

However, it’s a wise move to test the product first on the particular surface intended to be coated before actual use. Free no charge 600 gram (1 litre can) samples will be made available for this purpose.

As when applying any paint to previously painted surfaces, it is wise to conduct the standard scored/cross hatching and masking tape pull-off adhesion test to ensure that the existing coating is sound and firmly adhering to the substrate - before applying any coating, including Leviathan® Matte. It is also a good idea to ensure good adhesion of the new paint to the old, by abrading the surface of the old paint with say a grit blasting, wire brushing, ‘sanding’ with glass or wet’n dry paper etc procedure.

A Recommendation for new masonry wall construction to be coated with Leviathan® Matte:

Aesthetically, masonry mortar jointing during new wall construction by the brick/block layer should preferably be made flush rather than the usual keyed/ironed (‘bucket handle’ tooled) method - to avoid their physical depression.
The first coat of Leviathan® Matte paint fills small holes and micro cracks that may be in the surface being coated as it is being applied and the second or final coat is intended to form its own new, pristine, and uniform, matte, flat surface finish. Each coat ‘touch’ dries or sets in about 50-60 minutes in air at an ambient temperature of 23°C and a relative humidity (RH) of 50 when freshly mixed liquid Leviathan® Matte is applied. It will take longer to set at lower temperatures and shorter at higher temperatures.

Operator safety:

Although it may be regarded as non-harmful all users and applicators of Leviathan® Matte should be correctly dressed with suitable protective clothing to prevent the alkaline powder and prepared liquid coating material coming into contact with a person’s skin or eyes.
Suitable gloves, eye protection goggles and nose/mouth mask should always be worn during the mixing and use of all lime based materials as well as this product. Prior to use, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet for Leviathan® Matte.

Where can it be used?:

This quality, watertight, long-life, easily spreadable paint is simple to use. It is an ultimately hard, yet flexible, architectural wall and roof paint, free of chemical solvents and after thorough testing of a product sample provided free-of- charge by Ability may be considered by the user, hard and tough enough for use as a wear resistant, trafficable coating for concrete and asphalt roofs, stairs (including suitably primed metal stairs), ramps, floors and pavements - offering when fully hardened, good abrasive wear resistance.

It may even be successfully used for slower than normal setting/drying and hardening pavement/road line marking paint with a longer than normal ‘open’ time before setting compared with conventional line marking paints.

Provided that a flat (matte), smooth finish is required, Leviathan® Matte may be considered a universal use product - including its use as an economical, waterproof, weather durable house paint - provided that the surface is first prepared to be made smooth by filling visual cracks, holes and depressions with a suitable filler such as Ability’s low shrink Fultone Mortar 8.

Further application details:

Preferably, the product is to be applied uniformly by a master painter, concreter, ’plasterer’ or professional trade applicator but as it’s quite simple to use it’s considered suitable for easy ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) application. Application equipment and any spillage or inaccurate application is easily cleaned by timely washing in/with soapy water before it sets (dries) and hardens. Once hardened Leviathan® Matte is VERY difficult to remove - an indication of its toughness and durability.

Surface preparation - important!

Like most paints and surface coatings Leviathan® Matte is preferably applied uniformly with a minimum of two (2) coats or layers onto surfaces that have been prepared to make them suitable for painting - that is to have them made smooth sound, firm and clean and that with the use of Leviathan® Matte in particular, if porous or semi-porous - such as concrete - have been thoroughly dampened and left to partially dry to a slight uniform dampness just before the painting procedure commences.

Easy surface preparation:

Excellent preparation of the surface to be painted is easily and quickly achieved with the use of a 3000 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure water blasting machine such as a ‘Gerni’ machine.
This easily prepares the surface - particularly for concrete and asphalt pavements by removing weak material, as well as cleaning and dampening it in one operation.
Water blasting machines of this particular pressure and portable power mixers are readily available from most building equipment hire stores.

Characteristics of Leviathan® Matte lime paint:

After a few days (at say for instance, average ambient temperatures) and the recommended intermittent water spray curing/hardening procedure following the liquid product’s application, the applied coating becomes hard and slightly flexible, with an ‘able to be wiped’, very long lasting, ‘breathable’* white or pastel flat, opaque (non-transparent when dry), attractive finish that like most lime based coatings, generally reduces water condensation on its surface. * Lime based coatings are able to breathe, ie they transmit water vapour gas. However, fully hardened Leviathan® Matte is proof against and impermeable to water and aqueous (water based) chemical solutions which denude and degrade normal paints.

In exterior situations the high degree of ultimate hardness and water impermeability of Leviathan® Matte increases with time, natural weathering and particularly if an intermittent water spray curing procedure is adopted immediately after the final coat sets or touch dries - gently at first and which is preferably carried out over 24-48 hours - with the use of a garden hose directed at the final coat of the Leviathan® Matte application to keep it damp and moist and to beneficially wash out and remove retained surface active agent (surfactant) from the applied coating.

The difference with other lime based and silicate coatings:

Durable Leviathan® Matte, flat (matte), medium build, thick, colourful coating material is different to common commercial liquid lime washes, some of which are not waterproof and are often so thin in their applied coating film thickness that they are translucent and may irregularly effloresce with a white salt bloom of variegated efflorescence or ‘scum’ to result in the ‘streaky’ ‘distressed look’. Typically, these common, low build, liquid lime washes only partially harden spasmodically after their application and drying by means of slow irregular action of rainwater containing carbon dioxide from the air falling upon them to form soft calcium carbonate (chalk or limestone).

Ability’s watertight Leviathan® Matte on the other hand hardens essentially by the water based, safe- to-use, inorganic chemical silicate producing reactions which start and mostly take place during its mixing with water and the approximately 20 minute resting or reaction time together with the four (4) minute remixing time thereafter.

The water in combination with Leviathan® Matte powder components such as the hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) powder produces on full hardening, the very hard, tough, weather resistant, very long lasting, binding and protective compound called calcium silicate.

Liquid silicate paints:

Leviathan® Matte is a 100% active solids paint powder which is different to European Keim type liquid metal silicate bound paints, the best of which utilises potassium silicate rather than sodium silicate (water glass), and which with weathering, to increase their adhesion are thought to combine with any suitable free soluble metal compounds in the surface to be coated and in particular, any calcium compounds such as applied lime based wall ‘plaster’ or cement renders to form complex potassium carbonates and/or silicate compounds - mostly calcium and aluminium silicate compounds.

Liquid sodium silicate (‘water glass’) and potassium silicate (‘potash water glass’) bound paints were developed in Germany at the end of the 19th century by Adolf Keim.

This was a period when many buildings and structures were externally rendered or ‘plastered’ with fairly porous lime-rich mortars upon which these paints apparently ‘work’ very well. However, fears have been expressed that these chemical reactions will probably not be 100% effective in producing adequate adhesion for such coatings on other kinds of surfaces (example; previously painted surfaces) - particularly those having no suitable soluble metal compounds such as calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) which is the case with hardened, currently typical organic resin bound paints.

The atypical, highly adhesive, UV resistant, highly durable calcium silicate forming binders in Leviathan® Matte, obtained from its ingredients when thoroughly mixed with potable water results after a uniform and liberal application in a thick coating - that upon hardening becomes impermeable to liquids - and not only adheres to and lasts potentially for decades on just about any surface, if we at Ability pigment it in manufacture at your request with any of our 60 UV resistant abilox® mineral oxide pigment powder colourants to the colour shade required, the colour too should last indefinitely.

Typical uses:

Building materials that could be protected and enhanced in their appearance by coating them with Leviathan® Matte include all un-primed exterior natural stone masonry, concrete block and baked clay brick masonry, fibre cement building boards and planks, stucco, primed new wood and metals, all grades and classes of hardened pre-mixed concrete, - especially when used for tilt-up panels, and architectural precast concrete facia panels. It’s also a good paint for applied dry wall cement rendering (‘plastering’) wall mortars, interior ‘solid’ (gypsum/lime) wall plastering and even internal cardboard encased plasterboard walls.

The product may therefore result in what may be considered a desirably different and self-coloured ‘look’ and perform well when applied in interior situations not only to plasterboard but also to plasterer applied gypsum/lime ‘hard’ wall plaster over double brick construction provided that the hardened plaster has not been ‘sweetened’ by washing with an acidic solution.

High performance - yet truly friendly to our global environment:

Being completely free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as any kind of chemical organic solvent which in most other surface coatings give off noxious fumes and greenhouse gas emissions as well as the fact that the supply of lime and casein are sustainable and are not made from the world’s depleting crude oil resources - as are most current paint resin binders. Also, as the mixed liquid paint product has 100% coating solids and thereby its lasting qualities are not reduced by the loss of part of its wet film thickness (wft) when setting or ‘touch’ drying to its dry state (dry film thickness – dft) by solvent evaporation, as well as being recyclable, Leviathan® Matte may be considered a truly environmentally friendly, sustainable, high performance, protective and decorative paint product.

Lifetime durability:

As this inorganic mineral calcium silicate binder has great chemical stability, the durability of a lime induced calcium silicate paint such as Leviathan® Matte is of an extremely high order. The material leaves little to be desired, say for example, for pavement/floor and/or mural, stencilling and frieze wall painting where long - term permanency is an important consideration to the artist and their clients.

Fire retardancy - very low flame spread:

Lime-based mineral masonry mortars and surface coating materials are considered by building industry experts to be fire retardant and will not burn. They may for instance be used to coat and protect structural/non- structural timber members, primed woodwork, weatherboards and many plastics - thus affording these materials in structures good protection against catching fire - and the plastic materials against emitting highly noxious fumes and vapours during a fire, especially for these and other materials intended to resist the passage of a wind driven forest or bush fire.

Protective Leviathan® Matte offers high cracking resistance and ferrous metal corrosion resistance:

The corrosion (rusting) of ferrous metals such as iron and steel cannot occur in high pH alkaline and/or absolutely dry air conditions!
Highly adhesive, low shrink, impermeable to liquid coatings protect ferrous metals against rusting. All things being equal, and regardless of the nature and pros and cons of the particular binder used to make a surface coating, for example: acrylic resin compared with polyurethane or epoxy resins or metal silicate, cement or hybrid cement/acrylic etc in each coating’s various supply forms (such as liquid chemical solvent borne coatings which dry by solvent evaporation or water borne (aqueous) types where typically the drying action is be means of the evaporation of the water), the greater the dry film thickness (dft) of a paint, such as that applied and uniformly spread onto the surface being painted with a number of coats or layers to give a medium to high build watertight, (preferably alkaline) coating, the greater its protective and anti-corrosive qualities.

The naturally occurring, but - to-be-avoided, enormously costly to repair rusting process of iron and steel when exposed to air and weather externally, requires an electrolyte (usually water) and oxygen as well as a neutral (pH 7) or an acid pH (pH below 7) environment.

Leviathan® Matte after preparation into a liquid paint and applied uniformly at a typical rate of 6m/litre/coat results in an approximately 200μm thick, medium build, cohesive, alkaline (approximately pH 11) coating film which when hardened to a high degree in about 7 days after setting, has excellent water/liquid solution impermeability and water repelling characteristics.
Each of the recommended minimum 2 coats are cross- linked chemically to have high adhesion, toughness and a lasting high pH to resist the gradual change to pH 7 or below (carbonation) together with outstandingly low shrinkage to substantially reduce the possibility of cracking - which in normal coatings allows corrosive water solution ingress.

Should a crack develop - usually as a result of the shrinkage of the material to which it is applied forming a crack, lime based building materials are regarded by knowledgeable building industry experts, as ‘self healing’ and therefore Leviathan® Matte exposed to natural weathering should tend to repair itself.

With exposure to a continuous combination of air, rain water, general weathering and time the applied Leviathan® Matte material gets harder, stronger, more adhesive and more impermeable to liquids whilst retaining its flexibility. Leviathan® Matte is therefore a coating that should perform extremely well in its protective qualities over suitably primed bare or abraded previously painted iron and steel for very long periods of time - even at severely corrosive salt laden marine locations and at Australian mining sites where the saline ground or bore water often has an exceptionally high salt content.

Mould and germ free:

Bacterial germs, fungi and other potentially ‘nasty’ micro-organisms ‘hate’ and can’t live in dry, alkaline environments. So the initially partially, and later fully water repellent, and high pH, of a two (2) coat Leviathan® Matte coating job should prevent mould and mildew from growing in and upon it. This property is a distinct advantage for instance when Leviathan® Matte is used to paint internal walls that need to be aseptic such as sick rooms, medical operating theatres in hospitals or in residences and other structures - especially in Mt Gambier, the State of South Australia’s second largest city, where buildings are constructed with locally mined highly absorbent coralline limestone blocks called Mt Gambier Stone. Externally, even when painted (with normal house paints), these tend to grow black mould. This situation also applies to just about any exterior surface painted with conventional paints in tropical, high humidity areas of the world, such as Cairns, North Queensland, Australia, most of which suffer badly from an infestation of black mould.

It is a virtual surety that the colour of a two (2) coat wall application of Leviathan® Matte - that has been factory pigmented with Ability’s titanium dioxide based white pigment called abilox® Illumin-ite White oxide to result in a pristine white coating - or with an abilox® colouring pigment - such as abilox® ’ Riverblend Beige oxide to result in a light, bright pastel colour - can be maintained for decades without suffering the awful blackening effect of fungal mould and bacterial germs.

Most bacteria, plant mould (fungi), viruses and other micro-organisms need regular and/or constant moisture, often readily available from condensation of water borne, air, or constant wetting such as in bathroom shower recesses, as well as a neutral or acid pH environment to exist (pH 7 or below). The fact is that Leviathan® Matte when the recommended mixing application and intermittent water spray curing procedure is followed, in about 3-4 days becomes at average ambient temperatures not only waterproof but also water repellent.*

The surface of a two coat applied Leviathan® Matte paint coating when fully hardened, tends to be hydrophobic (water repellent). This water-hating characteristic when fully developed causes water to partially ‘bead up’ on its surface in droplets and the coating to dry rapidly after being wet with water. This is another reason why the growth of fungal mould etc is not supported. The surface and the inside ‘body’ of applied Leviathan® Matte is always dry - apart from any temporary surface water to which it may have been subjected, prior to that water evaporating.

* The Leviathan® Matte product contains in its formulation an additive made with a lanolin type compound made from Palm Oil, which, during its mixing, application and later weathering makes highly effective water repellent substances. These remain within the applied film to assist in ultimately waterproofing it fully.

Wood protection:

This is an anti bacterial, anti- fungal, high pH characteristic of the product which helps substantially to economically preserve new wood, which has preferably first been prime coated with a good commercial wood primer against deterioration from cracking, checking, rottingand decay. Due to it’s exceptional hardness and essentially chemically inorganic hard mineral characteristics, Leviathan® Matte affords excellent protection from wood boring termites.

Low cost but high performance:

Although the cost of Leviathan® Matte is very attractive compared with currently normal paints and even some of Ability’s other long life, high build, hard but flexible, protective and decorative coating systems such as those that have been proven to demonstrate high skid resistance, wear resistance, high fire retardancy, long-term durability and high performance generally - such as ‘the Paint’, these excellent qualities have not been compromised with this product. When compared with many paint products on the market, Ability’s low cost Leviathan® Matte is highly cost competitive - without compromise to the quality of its endurance and protective properties.

Why not try it?

A free no charge sample of Leviathan® Matte of the preferred colour for thorough evaluation and testing will be forwarded on request. An additional sample can be provided for making an architectural project sample for a planned structure’s specifier, builder, applicator/sub-contractor and/or owner to determine its complete suitability for the intended purpose can also be made available by Ability promptly.

The sale of the product is made in white or virtually any custom, clean, bright, pastel colour shade matched by Ability as closely to a colour sample provided by the specifier, applicator or client as is commercially possible.

To request further printed information about Leviathan® Matte) a free no charge 600 gram (1 litre can) sample of it for the intended contractor’s evaluation and for him/her to preferably provide an architectural sample for the specifier to assist in determining the product’s complete suitability for the intended project, call Ability.

Leviathan® Matte as a heat reflective / protective surface treatment for bitumen bound asphalt pavements and asphaltic black roof coverings / coatings:

It is considered worthwhile for specifiers to provide the solar reflective properties of white or pale coloured surfaces in the form of a durable paint coating finish in order to reduce the oxidation, premature aging and failure of these chemically organic bitumen bound materials derived from crude oil and in the case of their use on roofs, to take advantage of Leviathan® Matte’s solar reflection in reducing the probability of thermal movement of the roof structure. This is especially important in locations having high numbers of hours of sunshine per annum.

Solar reflecting white or pale pastel coloured Leviathan® lime silicate painting projects can also effectively reduce internal temperatures in structures when being exposed to hot weather and direct sunlight.

Thermal insulation:

Adding durability to bitumen bound and other surfaces is substantially assisted for Leviathan® Matte’s thermal insulative** properties.

* Leviathan® Matte can be made in various absolutely colourfast greens and blues using colourfast mineral pigments such as relatively expensive chromium oxide based permanent greens and very expensive cobalt blues at a proportionally higher cost if required.

** Further printed information about Leviathan® Matte’s thermal (and acoustic) insulation properties can be obtained by request. A thinner ‘wash’ type finish:

If a thinner, lower film build, lower coating thickness, less opaque (hiding ‘cover’) ‘wash’ finish is required, Leviathan® Matte liquid coating may be prepared on site with a lower proportion of powder to water that has been indicated in this data so far - for example, instead of one, only a half (1/2) part by volume powder may be added and thoroughly mixed into one (1) part by volume water - to result in a lower cost, thinner, lower dry film thickness (dft) liquid ‘wash’ finish when say for example it is applied with a suitable brush.

The application of a minimum of two (2) coats of a lower viscosity, higher spread rate, thinner film ‘wash’ surface coating will result in a less durable finish - lower in hardness and weaker in its mechanical strengths, and where due to its lower film build, many of the minor holes, pits, voids, depressions and cracks if present in a surface to be coated may be partially retained - whilst if applied uniformly - providing a surface having an reasonably uniform colour and a slightly transparent (less opaque) finish.

In exterior situations, lower cost ‘wash’ type finishes achieved with Leviathan® Matte - depending on the proportion of water to powder used, will not last as long as the thicker, higher build normal coating finish previously discussed and recommended, but may give a service life that may be considered satisfactory for a particular person’s or group’s purpose - particularly for interior situations and to make wood considerably more fire resistant than without it.

Please note: when this powder product is prepared by mixing into a proportion of water, the more water to powder, the less durable, more transparent and less uniform in colour the resulting finish will be.

Thorough testing of this coating product - particularly when it is used for such a wash finish before actual use to ensure its suitability for the intended surface of a structure - as assessed and approved by the specifier and/or owner by means of viewing an architectural sample, prepared by the applicator is highly recommended.


Providing that a flat (matte), relatively smooth, white or pastel coloured finish is required, Leviathan® Matte prepared for use at the recommended proportion of one (1) part of powder added with thorough power mixing to one (1) part water by volume and uniformly applied at 6m2 per litre/coat with two (2) coats will result in an excellent, durable, decorative, protective, medium to high build, finish far superior to traditional lime paint coating finishes at a very competitive cost.

Leviathan® Matte may be well worth evaluating for a current or future project. When dry this quality lime based paint gives a natural richness of luminescence that is unmatched by most other paints and is expected to last for many, many decades in most exterior vertical wall situations - before a single re-coat may be required.

Low odour Leviathan® Matte with high resistance to bacterial attack, termite attack and burning (high fire retardancy) can be used to good effect internally as well as externally - for interior living areas, public buildings, farm buildings, workshops and garages where with white or pale pastel colour pigmentation, its high light reflective quality, greatly improves the illumination of rooms - especially those with small or few windows.

Ability have other proven high performance long-life coatings in five lustre levels - flat, low sheen, satin, semi-gloss and glossy. Each is suitable for either specific or in many cases diverse multi-use applications.