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Duro-Seel Clear - guarantee

We strongly recommend to:
Always Test First Before Use. Trials are essential!

Ability’s Duro-Seel Clear coating is used as a:

• a thick single coat, curing compound for newly finished just placed concrete (see separate data for this important use)

• a two (2) coat minimum concrete sealing and protective treatment for existing hardened concrete and mortar surfaces (all existing cement bound surfaces).

Duro-Seel Clear is guaranteed to perform for many years. This is provided that first it is tested and approved by the purchaser or owner by application from a free (no charge) sample pot, available upon request, to a small inconspicuous part of the area of surface intended to be coated.

For existing surfaces such as concretes / mortars:

If Duro-Seel Clear is applied completely to our recommendations, the test area applied with the contents of the free sample should determine its suitability for the owner’s purpose or otherwise:

• For good durability, the applicator should apply a minimum of two (2) coats. Three (3) coats will last even longer! Each coat must be allowed to dry well.

• The applicator must, prior to its application, efficiently prepare the surface to remove all laitance (a weak, unsound surface of cement ‘scum’ often found on existing concrete as well as all contaminants that may be present).

• Existing fully hardened cast-in-place concrete pavements and slabs (preferably steel reinforced) of all types and surface finishes must be prepared to be hard, sound, firm, clean and dry for the Duro-Seel Clear application.

High pressure water blasting with a minimum 3000 psi water blasting machine to remove laitance, contaminants, and clean the surface at the same time, is highly recommended. Then allow the surface to dry properly before applying Duro-Seel Clear.

• Alternatively, existing fully hardened concrete surfaces after removing all contaminants, including all old coatings, may be with due care, acid etched, neutralised, rinsed and washed off adequately by clean hosed water and the surface then allowed to dry well before applying Duro-Seel Clear.

• Two (2) or three (3) coats of Duro-Seel Clear should be applied - each coat at least one full 24 hour day apart in good weather. A number of days may be required to allow it to dry fully and is dependant on good weather. Please read all our recommendations for application for Duro-Seel Clear carefully before use - particularly our Duro-Seel Clear Product Data Sheet (PDS).

As a curing compound:

Please read the separate Product Data Sheet (PDS) available for use of Duro-Seel Clear as a curing compound to be coated onto freshly placed and finished concrete to keep the mix water within the concrete to allow full strength and hardness development to occur.

All information is given in and the Ability (The Manufacturer) Product(s) are supplied with, good faith but without Warranty for the final composite product or material in which it/they is/are used as their use is beyond the Manufacturer’s control. The Manufacturer is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from failure to follow their recommendations for use.

It is the User’s/Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that complete suitability of these products, for any use, be completely confirmed by THOROUGH PRIOR TESTING and EVALUATION. The information submitted in this and other specific product publications (including web publications) is based on current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors, which may affect processing and application, this data
and others do not relieve processors and users from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments, neither do they imply any legally binding assurance of certain properties or suitability for a specific purpose. It is also the responsibility of those to whom we supply our Products to ensure that any Proprietary Rights and existing laws and legislation are observed.