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Lightweight Concrete Composites

Modern Material technology developed by Ability - lightweight and strong, fire resistant and with a variety of useful characteristics, these exciting and unique materials can change the face of construction as we know it.

cemlite® - A white, high strength, acrylic polymer resin, reinforced cementbound, lightweight composite moulding and applied finish material. It is an alternative to normal density concrete at half its weight and nearly twice as strong.

cemlite®HE - A higher performance, higher early strength gain, faster setting and hardening (at a given temperature) version of cemlite®. When hardened, it has very high temperature, chemical, fire and abrasive wear resistance. Has three (3) times the flexural strength of typical concrete.

Fultone Mortar 8 - A special lightweight but very strong, low shrink, polymer modified, mineral wall rendering, floor or pavement screed, topping and patching material. When set and hardened, it becomes a high performance, most durable, hard, waterproof and thermally / acoustically insulative mortar building material.