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Leviathan® Matte

Leviathan® Matte

Long-life, economical polymer-modified, lime silicate mineral paint with a smooth matte finish.

Product overview:

Supplied as a ready-to-use blended powder, Ability’s Leviathan® Matte is a patent-applied-for, highly economical, polymer-modified mineral paint used just like normal paints and which delivers an exceptionally tough, long-lasting smooth matte finish.

Made available quickly in any custom colour-matched pastel colour, or in a basic white, Leviathan® Matte is a hydrated lime and water-based paint that brings together traditional knowledge and modern materials technology to deliver a highly protective and colourfully decorative paint surface coating. It is officially referred to as a calcium silicate paint. Developed with a focus on meeting strict environmentally sustainable development (ESD) requirements, Leviathan® Matte is easy and safe to use, contains low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and does not emit climate-warming ‘greenhouse’ gases.

Use on:

Suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, Leviathan® Matte is applied with normal painting implements to provide a most robust protective and decorative coating for internal floors, walls, ceilings, panels, fitments and external walls, weatherboard panels, roofs, pavements, and architectural features.

Leviathan® Matte can be applied directly with preferably two (2) coats or layers to virtually any stable, firm, sound, clean and dampened surface, including:

• Concrete of all types, grades and classes
• Mortar (including existing wall rendering / plastering and floor/wall levelling and fairing mortars)
• Fibre cement panels and planking
• Masonry
• Roofing tiles
• Asphalt
• New wood (following an application of a suitable good quality wood primer)
• Properly prepared, de-rusted and primed new iron and steel (using a suitable anti-corrosive primer) and a range of other suitably prepared metal surfaces including, after suitable roughening by scarification, previously painted metals in sound, firm,non-corroded condition
• All other existing paint coated surfaces in firm sound condition which have been suitably abraded by sanding, scarifying or shot blasting to assist the adhesion of Leviathan® Matte.


Developed with a focus on providing a very economical yet highly durable coating, Leviathan® Matte calcium silicate paint delivers a range of benefits, including:

• Extremely long lasting properties
• Exceptionally high UV, oxidation and weathering resistance
• Watertight formulation provides protection against water permeation and corrosive salt / chemical solution ingress
• Its alkalinity and high water and aqueous solution impermeability protects iron and steel against corrosion
• Offers both thermal (high and low temperature) insulation and sound (acoustic) insulation as well as very high slip, skid and abrasion resistance
• Combines ultimate hardness with flexibility and excellent adhesion. Also known as paintable Roman Cement
• Easy-to-use and apply with normal paint application equipment
• Has low odour and does not give off noxious gases
• Can be used with a variety of application methods to provide various architectural and/or decorative effects
• Can be colour matched to almost any colour for a project
• Strongly assists in preventing mould and mildew development
• Improves fire retardancy and fire ratings of materials to which it is applied
• Exceptionally inexpensive and high value.

Usage and application:

Supplied as a ready-to-use, 100% solids powder, Leviathan® Matte should be thoroughly mixed (using a suitable power mixer) into the specified quantity of clean potable water (drinking water), allowing a 20 minute reaction time followed by a 4-5 minute re-mixing time, just prior to application. Leviathan® Matte should be applied liberally and uniformly to the prepared surface, which should be clean and sound and dampened with drinkable water.

The product can be applied using a variety of standard painting/application methods, including brush, soft broom, medium pile roller or suitable spraying equipment.

For ideal, long term protection vs cost, two coats are recommended for most applications. When applied, Leviathan® Matte becomes 'touch-dry' in approximately 60-90 minutes at 23°C and 50% RH (Relative Humidity).

Within 1-2 hours after the application of the final coat or layer, it should preferably be gently hosed with clean tap water to assist with curing and hardening.

For maximum protection, and long-term durability, it is recommended that this water spray-curing technique be continued and carried out several times intermittently over the following 2-3 days.

Dosage rates:

Recommended mixing proportions for Leviathan® Matte are 1:1 (1 part Leviathan® Matte powder to 1 part clean potable (drinking) water by volume).


Except for wood and metals, Leviathan® Matte is suitable for use on most clean, prepared and stable vertical and horizontal substrates including concrete without the need for a primer (separate 1st coat).

For surfaces that have been previously coated and/or treated with other products, please contact Ability for further information.


Leviathan® Matte is supplied in 20kg pails.


Recommended coverage per coat (mixed liquid Leviathan® Matte) is 3.6m2/litre.


For maximum shelf-life, Leviathan® Matte should be stored in its original container, out of direct sunlight, in appropriate, dry conditions. When kept dry and stored off the ground under low humidity conditions at an average temperature of no more than 23°C in its original unopened container, Leviathan® Matte has a storage shelf life in excess of 24 months.


While Leviathan® Matte is completely safe for the environment, as with all products containing mildly alkaline material in general and hydrated lime in particular, it is recommended that the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and precautions are followed when handling and using the product:

• Wear full overalls, gloves safety goggles and a combined nose and mouth dust mask during mixing
• Avoid skin and eye contact
• Always wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking or using the toilet. For further Health and Safety information, please refer to Leviathan® Matte Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Further information and sample:

A free, no charge testing sample of Leviathan® Matte and further printed information about this unique, multi-functional, universal-use, calcium silicate paint will be made available upon request.