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Duro-Seel Clear

Duro-Seel Clear - Product Overview

Duro-Seel Clear is a unique, ready-to-use, single-pack multi-use liquid clear surface coating. It combines the properties of a high performance, penetrative waterproofing protective paint or ‘sealer’ coating for existing concrete with the low moisture vapour transmission of a good curing compound - for coating freshly finished ‘just set’ concrete - to ensure that the concrete’s mix water is prevented from evaporating. As a result concrete achieves its highest surface hardness and strength in place.

Available as a transparent clear coating, Duro-Seel Clear is ideal for use as an easily applied one coat application onto freshly finished cast in situ concrete, precast concrete products and trowel-applied cement rendered wall mortars. This curing compound coat when dry, can, if required, be followed later by another coat of the product to result in a completely cured and sealed project. This system saves time by negating the time consuming need to prepare a concrete surface for coating applications.

Its unique white spirit solvent based, tough rubber/acrylic formulation provides excellent surface binding and flexibility to prevent cracking.
When hardened, it seals and protects existing concrete, as well as a range of other mineral surfaces. It penetrates existing absorbent and semi-absorbent surfaces to help consolidate and bind weakly bound surface particles.

Curing Compound - A first single coat:

Duro-Seel Clear used as a liberally applied single coat liquid concrete curing compound (a curing film-forming coating membrane) is an ideal easily applied, time saving application to freshly placed and finished concrete or mortar immediately after or if it can be applied without damaging the ‘green’ concrete slightly before these materials have set.

With an additional second coat applied later, Duro-Seel Clear curing compound is an efficient, form of combined curing and sealing of all cement bound materials. Curing is a procedure to retain the material’s mix water in the concrete to prevent its evaporation - to ensure the materials full hardness and strength development will be achieved in place, ie: the first coat of Duro-Seel Clear is applied as a curing compound that retains the mix water within the concrete, and may be followed a day or two later as a finishing coat of a durable, two coat Duro-Seel Clear system.
Alternatively, the finishing coat instead of another coat of Duro-Seel Clear may be Ability’s water-based Dy-On-Crete® Mark 2 in the choice of a colour from the 12 available.

Use on existing surfaces:

Suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, Duro-Seel Clear provides a protective and decorative coating for internal and external walls, panels, floors, pavements and architectural features. However, care should be taken in relation to possibly creating a slip hazard* when Duro-Seel Clear has been applied to sloping ramps or driveways, steps, pavements and floors.

Duro-Seel Clear can be applied to a variety of materials, including:
• Freshly placed and finished, as well as existing cast in situ concrete slabs and tilt-up walls
• Freshly placed and finished, as well as existing pre-cast concrete elements
• Freshly applied and finished, as well as existing exterior mortars - such as wall rendering mortars
• Existing concrete blockwork and baked clay brickwork
• Concrete roofing tiles during their manufacture or as a later maintenance coat
• Existing internal gypsum plaster/builders’ lime wall plasters
• All existing porous or semi-porous, building substrates in firm and sound condition, including sandstone.

*If high resistance to pedestrians slipping or vehicles skidding on a coated decorative and/or protective surface is paramount, Ability suggest using one of our Long Life Paints, ultra-low slip, low skid surface coatings Range such as the stipple textured, long-lasting duro paint™ Stipple or its smooth version called duro paint™ Matte - as alternatives to Duro-Seel Clear.

If a minimum of two (2) coats are applied, the first preferably as a curing compound, Duro-Seel Clear delivers a range of benefits.

Duro-Seel Clear - benefits:

• is extremely durable and resistant to weathering
• has outstanding water resistance and sealing characteristics
• being a watertight formulation Duro-Seel Clear provides protection against water permeation and corrosive salt/chemical solution ingress - such as sulphates and chlorides
• combines good hardness, flexibility and excellent adhesion to freshly placed/finished concrete and for existing concrete surfaces properly pre pared for painting
• is easy-to-use and apply with normal paint application equipment for a uni form coating
• available in translucent clear
• has high UV stability
• Ability’s product Dy-On-Crete®Mark 2 available in 12 colours may be used to overcoat Duro-Seel Clear.
Example: one coat of Duro-Seel Clear curing compound may be later coated with a one or two coat application of Dy-On-Crete®Mark 2 colour
• in this way it can give lasting and aesthetically sensitive decoration

Usage and application:

Duro-Seel Clear can be applied using a brush, roller or suitable spraying equipment. For spray applications, a number 518 tip may preferably be evaluated for use.

All existing surfaces must be prepared to be clean, free of contaminants, sound and firm prior to application. Good surface preparation can be achieved through approved cleaning methods for painting including 3000 psi ‘Gerni’ type pressure washing, power blowing, scraping, sanding and in the case of good, sound, firm but unclean surfaces, scrubbing with painters’ ‘sugar soap’. To avoid possible adhesion problems the surface must be completely free of grease, oils, silicones, other contaminants and perfectly dry.

For good surface protection and durability, two coats or layers of Duro-Seel Clear are recommended for most applications, however, in some applications, a third coat is recommended to achieve the required wear resistance, DFT (Dry Film Thickness), water resistance and a semi-glossy finish.
Duro-Seel Clear becomes 'touch-dry' in approximately 180 minutes at 23°C and 50% RH (Relative Humidity), and ‘through dry’ at between 16-30 hours. Prior to the application of subsequent coats, each coat or layer should be allowed to properly dry with the re-coat time window at this same temperature/ humidity being 6 hours (minimum) through to 48 hours (maximum) - depending on the weather.

Dosage rates:

Duro-Seel Clear is supplied as a ready-to-use, single pack liquid.


Duro-Seel Clear is most suitable for use as a single coat curing compound for freshly placed and finished concrete. It should be applied at a coverage rate of 4-6m2/litre.

For existing concrete surfaces, it is suitable for use by application in 2 coats at the same coverage rate to most clean, prepared and stable, sound, vertical and horizontal substrates.

For surfaces that have been previously coated and/or treated with other products, please contact Ability for further information.


Duro-Seel Clear is supplied in 20 litre pails.


Recommended coverage per coat is 4-6m2/litre. For durability, the recommended minimum DFT (Dry Film Thickness) of each coat is 100 μm and a total DFT for 2 coats of 200 μm.


For maximum shelf-life, Duro-Seel Clear should be stored in its original container, out of direct sunlight, in appropriate, dry conditions at a temperature of approximately 23°C. When kept dry and stored under low humidity conditions at this average temperature in its original unopened container, Duro-Seel Clear has a storage shelf life in excess of 24 months.


Duro-Seel Clear is formulated with aliphatic solvent only, and contains no toxic aromatic chemical solvents such as toluene and xylene. Duro-Seel Clear is categorised under the Dangerous Goods Schedule as Class 3.2, has a Hazchem Code of 3(Y) and a Poisons Schedule Code of 5.

Whilst special masks or lung protection are not usually required, it is recommended that the application area is well ventilated and that the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and precautions are followed when handling and using the product:

• Wear full overalls, gloves safety goggles and suitable nose/mouth mask or respirator during application - particularly for spray applications
• Use in well ventilated areas
• Avoid inhaling solvent vapours
• Avoid skin and eye contact
• Always wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking or using the toilet

For further Health and Safety information, please refer to our Duro-Seel Clear Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Or contact Ability directly if more information is required.