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Concrete products producers

Ability - offering extremely durable products in a fashionable colour range.

When creating products out of concrete, fashionable and durable ‘through’ pigments that withstand the test of time will enhance and let your products stand out from the rest.

Ability offers some of the most innovative and reliable colouring products for cement and for colour matching cement coatings such as abilox® fine, UV resistant, inorganic mineral oxide colouring pigments

Ability also produces a unique product on the market called Efflorein® Mark 2 which is a multi purpose, performance enhancing concrete admixture.

Efflorein® Mark 2 has been specifically developed to control the occurrence of efflorescence and the problems associated with salt bloom in Portland cement concrete, mortar and grout products, while also helping to improve a range of other concrete performance characteristics in both the plastic and hardened states.

Cosmotron® DPU-AC is a high performance super plasticiser / plasticizing admixture which allows a substantial water reduction to be made in cement (and lime) bound mixes for a workable consistency or slump. As a result, all mechanical strengths are increased.

These products have been formulated to enhance, protect and strengthen many aspects of coloured concrete production - resulting in outstanding, durable colour tinting within cement products such as pavers, fountains, plant holders or anything cast in concrete as well as offering extreme durability in all applications.

To assist with projects, Ability offers:

• over 2 decades of industry experience and knowledge

• friendly and reliable service to assist with the practical applications of our cement pigments and possible combinations with our long life products

• colour cards and samples

• colour sample cement biscuits in both off-white and grey cement

• over 240 colours (e.g. 60 abilox colours, 4 shades of each, creates 240 colour alternatives)

• a variety of Ability products that work together to achieve maximum durability and colour correctness in your cement coatings as well as with accurate matching of extra long life cement paint finishes.

• water resistant colour selection in our long life eco-friendly duro paint™ range for specialised work such as artificial rock, natural look finishes as well as water features.

Before starting your next project, contact Ability and our friendly staff will assist you with any of your colour or Ability product queries.