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More Additives

Additives and admixtures developed by Ability...


Ability manufactures abil-HARD an easy to use, precisely formulated industrial powder product designed to improve the adhesion, hardness, abrasive wear resistance and other properties of factory applied liquid emulsion latex polymer based and other similar resin bound, water borne coatings and adhesives, other water borne resin bound products, materials etc. apply to some of these improvements, both their plastic (non-hardened) as well as their coalesced or hardened film formed states after application to various substrates very soon after their preparation.

For more information about this product please download our abil-HARD Information Bulletin pdf.


Ability’s abil-MELD® is an effective, safe-to-use multi purpose, fine particle dispersant, gloss enhancer, rheology modifier and emulsifier for virtually universal use in the manufacture of paints, coatings and adhesives. For further information about this product please refer to our abil-MELD® Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.


Ability’s abil-WELD® is a high performance, long lasting, environmentally friendly glue and repair mortar. It is supplied as a water reactive white powder which, when mixed into the recommended proportion of water, a premium ‘gluey’ paste is formed which when applied to mineral surfaces such as a masonry mortar offers superior bonding and:

• resistance to water, acids, alkalies and many other chemicals
• resistance to flame spread and high temperatures
• resistance to chloride and sulphate aqueous solutions which cause rusting of iron and steel including reinforcing steel in concrete
• easy to mix and apply with normal glue application equipment
• free of chemical solvents
• has low odour and does not give off noxious gasses
• can be colour matched to almost any colour for a project
• capable of achieving high permanent bond strength even if constantly immersed in water, chlorinated water or sea water.

For more information please download our abil-WELD® Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.


Ability’s Cosmotron®DPU-CA works as a particulate dispersant for quicker, more efficient mixing and particulate deflocculation.
Cosmotron®DPU-CA was formulated to reduce the lumpiness and clumping of fine particle solids such as colouring pigments, mineral fillers and extenders etc. in resin emulsion latices and other water mixtures to reduce their water contents at a given viscosity ie: to result in free flowing pastes without agglomerates or ‘seeds’ using less water. Consequently this product reduces the viscosity and or allows the increase of particulate solids in a slurry, suspension or dispersion for a given water content.
Cosmotron®DPU-CA is also used as an efficient emulsifier, stabiliser, ‘wetting’, ‘suspending’ and surface active agent for manufacturing virtually all water based liquids containing water immiscible liquids or solids such as emulsions or dispersions and is a sequestering (separating/depositing) agent in the dyeing, water conditioning and other industries.

For more information please download our Cosmotron® DPU-CA Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.


Ability’s DIATOMITE D5 is an ultrafine, high surface area per unit weight product utilising finely milled diatomaceous earth is a chalk-like, soft friable, very fine grained, siliceous sedimentary rock, usually light in colour (white if pure, commonly buff grey). It is very finely porous, very low in density (floating on water at least until saturated) and essentially chemically inert in most liquids and gases.
It also has low thermal conductivity,high fire retardancy and a rather high fusion point.

DIATOMITE D5 can be used:
• as a pozzolanic admixture for Portland cement bound mixes including concrete to increase ultimate strength, acid resistance and general performance
• as a filtration aid for food and beverage manufacture
• in producing high temperature resistant refractory products
• an efficient absorbent for liquids and to dislodge build-up of oil and grease on factory floors
• swimming Pool filtration
• absorbent for industrial spills
• as a filler in a variety of products from paints to fire proofing materials.

For more information please download our DIATOMITE D5 Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.

Fly Ash:

Ability’s Classified Fly Ash powder is a post 28 day strength increasing powder additive for Portland cement-based mixes. In the presence of hydrating Portland cement Fly Ash powder behaves like a secondary cement by reacting slowly at ambient temperatures with Calcium Hydroxide (lime) liberated during these long-term hydration reactions of water with cement.

The product can be regarded as virtually inert and therefore may, after adequate testing, be suitable for incorporation into coatings, plastics, adhesives, rubber and other composite materials as a non-hiding, light grey extender / filler pigment at low cost.

Fly Ash powder benefits include -
(in plastic concrete):
• reduced water requirement for a given plastic consistency
• reduced bleeding of mix water to the surface and the reduction or elimination of segregation of the aggregates from the cementitious paste
• easier placement and improved workability
• improved finishability
• improved pumpability, extrudability and spray ability

(in hardened concrete - if cured by a recognised moist curing procedure):
• greater ultimate mechanical strengths
• reduced drying-shrinkage and creep (volume deformation under sustained load)
• reduced permeability to liquids
• increased resistance to sulphate attack from sulphate containing ground waters
• enhanced resistance to alkali aggregate reaction (AAR) and subsequent sporling
• lowered heat of hydration to prevent cracking in large volume, mass pours
• increased resistance to degradation by freezing and thawing
• less potential for efflorescence (we recommend the additional use of Ability’s
Efflorein® Mark 2 powder for greater control of efflorescence - leached, white salt crystalline bloom)
• greater resistance to acids and chemical attack.

For more information please download our Fly Ash Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.

Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag:

Ability’s finely milled Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag - an ultimate strength increasing pozzolanic powder for use with Portland Cement and Builder’s Lime.
It is primarily used as a supplementary cementitious material. Slag Powder consists mainly of calcium and aluminium silicate and has a chemical composition not dissimilar to these respective natural mineral materials and to hydrated Portland Cement. It is often mixed with fresh Portland Cement powder in the manufacture of concrete, mortars, grouts etc.
The mixed cementitious product is referred to as blended cement.

Both Fly Ash and Ground Slag are often used as triple blends with cement in a concrete formula or mix design.

For more information please download our Ground Granulated Blast- Furnace Slag Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.


Ability’s Maxim-Air® is an ultra stable, air-entraining admixture for use in Portland cement based concrete products. The product is a dissolvable powder concentrate which is powerfully efficient in introducing microscopic air bubbles into the cement- based mix.

Maxim-Air® can be used with:
• pumpable concrete
• low slump concrete
• flowable concrete
• high temperature concrete
• concrete with extended working times
• lightweight and pre-stressed concrete
• reducing bleeding caused by grading deficiencies in concrete fine aggregate materials

Maxim-Air® benefits:
Because Maxim-Air® provides stable, uniformly dispersed and microscopic size air bubbles, allows for:
• improved workability and finishability
• reduced segregation and bleeding
• reduced permeability, increased water tightness
• increased durability and stability
• increased resistance to freeze / thaw cycles.

For more information please download our Maxim-Air® Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.


Ability’s VOIDEIN is a densifying and foam control agent powder. It is effective in many aqueous liquid, semi-solid and powder products which vary widely in pH characteristics. VOIDEIN has been found to be effective in many cement-bound composite systems and other alkaline materials and substances having a high pH.

VOIDEIN benefits:
• suitable for mixing into powdered as well as liquid products
• contributes to the prevention of powder ‘caking’
• effective in both alkaline and acid systems
• active in aqueous systems
VOIDEIN powder de-foamer dose requirements are usually lower than those for liquid de-foamers
• provides a method of eliminating air voids in plastic unset concrete to densify it. As such, it may reduce or eliminate the need for the required on-site vibration and compaction process
• potentially maintains the f/c characteristics design strength of concrete in place.

For more information please download our VOIDEIN Product Data Sheet (PDS) pdf.

ADMIX 2000® Liquid

ADMIX 2000® is an acrylic polymer resin based, rubber-like liquid latex admixture intended for addition at a typical dose rate o 5% -10% by weight of the cementitious material to freshly mixed low water content concrete / mortar, concrete products and other cement bound materials.

Having superb bonding properties, ADMIX 2000® is also an important component for a proven site-mixed water-resistant bonding agent slurry also containing sand, cement and water. Bonding agents are used for strongly adhering new concrete and virtually all cement, cement / lime and hydrated lime / gypsum plasterbound mixes to existing concrete and other building surfaces that are in sound, firm and clean condition.

For more information please download our ADMIX 2000® information pdfs available in our yellow menu category on right.

CEMswift MT

CEMswift MT is a non-chloride, set time accelerator supplied in the form of a 100 % active solids powder.

This product is designed for use by it’s addition during mixing into concrete, mortar, grout and other cement bound mixes with or without the use of heated water.

The shortest setting times at a given concrete temperature will usually be effected with the use of heated water in combination with CEMswift MT.

CEMswift MT is used to effectively shorten their setting times unlike calcium chloride without causing or contributing to the rusting / corrosion of steel reinforcement or the occurrence of unsightly efflorescence (white salt bloom or ‘scum’). the product is typically used at 1% to 3% by weight of the cement or cementitious material weight in the mix.

For more information please download our CEMswift MT information pdf available in our yellow menu category on right.