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Long Life Paints

Ability has developed several polymer modified, inorganic surface coating products, which are versatile, safe for the environment, suitable for both exterior and interior, watertight, protective paints. These long life paints are available in an almost unlimited range of decorative UV resistant colours obtained from inorganic mineral pigments and, having low VOCS are clean air examples of this technology.

These durable, hard but flexible, geo-friendly surface coating products are easy to apply, have no odour, incorporate several binders rather than one as added long term, high performance insurance, have high, long term adhesion and in addition contain hydraulic (hardening with water) materials.

The duro paintRange

duro paint™ Coatings are all polymer-modified inorganic mineral formulations guaranteed to have exceptionally high adhesion, resistance to UV radiation, oxidation, abrasion, skidding, slipping and paint degrading chemical solutions.

Ability’s high performance, long life, high build, mineral coatings with a matte stipple textured finish guaranteed for 20* years (*conditions apply).

A universal, multi use coating which typically results in a high build, flat and depending on the particular implement used to apply it, a subtle ‘sandy’, slightly textured (not porous) finish.

The duro paint™ range is suitable for walls, roofs, floors, pavements, ramps, stairs, tanks and pools - infact just about any surface you can think of.

To find out more about one of our best selling products please click on our specific link: duro paint™ where you will find all related and relevant information including FAQS and MSDS and PDS.

Ability's duro paint™ Range includes:

duro paint™ Stipple a matte, textured finish paint.

duro paint™ Matte a smooth, matte finish paint.

duro paint™ Low Sheen - ultra smooth, low sheen paint.

More Long Life Paints...

Leviathan® Matte - a highly economical lime silicate paint.

abil colour wash - another highly economical lime silicate paint.

AQUAdura - is a quality, easy to use, water based, clear protective and decorative sealer coating for concrete and similar building surfaces.

Duro-Seel Clear - is a famous time saving, curing compound and same day sealer surface treatment for all freshly placed concrete, mortars and cement bound materials. Duro-Seel Clear is also a penetrative clear protective sealing coating for existing concrete pavements, floors, walls and roofs.

Dy-On-Crete® Mark 2 is a high technical quality, water-based, single pack pigmented liquid surface coating. It has been specifically developed to provide a long-lasting and extremely durable, natural-looking colour coating / stain for concrete, mortar, masonry and primed new or weathered timber.

All long life paint coatings provide great protection and substantial improvements in performance compared with conventional organic resin bound paints and moulded composite materials, which are derived from crude oil.

All are ecologically sustainable clean air 'green' products being safe for the environment, safe-to-use, natural geo, water-based, essentially mineral products and easy-to-use. They contain no harsh chemicals or noxious evaporating chemical solvents and have extremely low VOC's.

These long life, decorative paints provide proven, highly protective and maintenance-free properties for virtually all building surfaces in both interior and exterior situations and perform admirably over the long-term.

These high performance paints are so durable, watertight and weathering resistant, they need very little, if any maintenance.