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VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) refer to a variety of volatile organic compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen and other elements that evaporate easily at room temperature and that often release a sharp odour and are considered air pollutants. Many VOCs are found in paints, varnishes, adhesives and other solvent bearing materials.

As Ability has long been committed to the development of products and practices that follow the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) we have actively and successfully endeavoured to virtually eliminiate coating emissions (VOCs) of our products so as to minimise any impact on our environment.

With traditional oil and resin based paints, a large percentage of the product evaporates, as chemical solvents, directly into the atmosphere to dry them, adding to the ‘Greenhouse Effect’, consequently utilising water based two pack, but easy one step preparation paints and coatings which have no solvents, are the ‘greener’ alternative, but the challenge for Ability has been to maintain high build, superb durability, coverage as well as easy application characteristics to their paints and coatings while drammatically almost eliminating their VOC levels. This challenge has now been successfully met and overcome. High VOC paints can contain anything from 80 - 500g/L (g/L stands for grams per litre).

Our best performing long life outdoor paint coatings include:
duro paint™’ Stipple
at 17g/L, Dy-on-Crete¨ Mark 2 at 24g/L and ‘duro paint™’ Matte at 33g/L. As low VOCs are only part of the solution, less need to reapply the product is also relevant, making durability another important aspect of the product’s ‘eco friendly’ characteristics. Ability’s ‘duro paint™’ is an outstanding example offering a combination of low VOCs, durability, wear and all weather resistance for in excess of 2 decades when applied according to Ability’s Applicator Booklet Specifications which are included with every pack of ‘duro paint™’.